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Jeff is the visionary leader behind JSW Media. Starting as a solo ecommerce book retailer in 2004, he has since spearheaded the company into new heights and has grown it into what it is today.


Emily is our go-to person for just about everything. She handles the day-to-day operations of the company and manages all departments, including jewelry, human resources, purchasing, and the warehouse. 

warehouse manager Joe

Joe is lovingly called our “chaos coordinator.” He supervises our biggest department, and somehow manages to keep the warehouse running like a well oiled machine despite the constant flow of inbound and outbound shipments.


Ali is responsible for making sure everyone at the company is being a good human. She’s the person who assists employees with anything and everything they need throughout their time at the company. 

Jewelry Brand Director Maddy

Maddy is our jewelry connoisseur. She has helped expand our jewelry department by orders of magnitude, and continues to do so with enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism.

Purchasing Manager Whitney

Whitney has grown throughout her time at the company from a purchasing associate all the way up to her current position as purchasing manager. Her experience is invaluable, and she has done a tremendous job passing on her wisdom to her team.

Core Values


Just: Uphold a fair, respectful, and appreciative environment.


Smart: Remain innovative, and strive to always improve.


Wellness: Keep the overall wellbeing of employees and customers in the forefront.

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